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Landscapes, Seascapes and Skies

Robbie Green Originals

Char Trees

Sunrise or sunset? I drove up to Woolgoolga in the day and then it was afternoon then so this is night. Here we can see dead trees that look like they have been upchucked by a volcano. And behind the char trees is the sunset sky. Grey and an orange cloudy day seem to make a good photo but otherwise is kind of depressing. Then there’s the blue..makes ya feel blue don’t it? And the shrubbery below the char trees as well. Also some small gaps in the upper clouds with the sky coming through.

Rocky Formation

I was exploring down at the shoreline near Strickland House and I happened to be looking around and I saw this rocky formation and I tried to get the water in too.  The rocks looked unusual so they caught my interest so I took a photo. I love water so I tried to get that in as much as I could.

Tree Reflection

We’re on the road to palmers oakey and we stopped for the scenery and I spotted this reflection of the trees on the lake there.

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