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Sand & Sea

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Algae Encrusted Bolt

I was walking down the uncovered low tide beach of Darling Point, walking along the sand, walking over piers when I spotted this algae infested bolt.


This one really makes you think.  To the beholder it might look like a hunk of wood and you’d be right about that – you would also be wrong!  This is, in fact, a shipwreck from the 1800s.  From my research I can determine that this is the ship called “Buster”.  It was built in 1884 in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is approximately 39 metres long. Apparently, the rope that tied it to the jetty broke in a fierce storm in 1893 and Buster was cast adrift from the jetty and crashed on Woolgoolga Beach.  To this day it is still there, buried deep beneath the sand, and is exposed, depending on the tide.


To be updated.

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